G.D. Goenka School Jammu

"A progressive futuristic School is a place in which all children grow, not just in size, not just in knowledge; but in curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, resourcefulness, resilience, patience, competence, accountability and wisdom".
– John Holt

In a short span of 8 years, GD Goenka Public School, Jammu, governed by Om Prakash Bansal Charitable Trust, has emerged as a trendsetter, a model of excellence in 21st Century value-based education; nurturing and empowering curious Goenkans to emerge as a competent, compassionate and responsible global citizenry.

For preparing Goenkans to take on the future challenges of the competitive world, we modify and upgrade the teaching methodologies and syllabus to produce an exciting and vibrant curriculum along with the aid of modern technology, designed to challenge ideas and expectations and to engage students in a love of learning. For challenging their grey cells as well as to sharpen their debating skills, we organize regular interactions in the classrooms across the levels. We ask them probing questions, seek their critical opinion while offering them freedom to think: think absolute, think lateral, think divergent and think convergent. The kind of thinking skills our students need today are those which help them to adapt to a world of accelerated change – a space age, a computer society.

We make sure that our students are drawn into research and inquiry through various formats of learning, so as to create a stimulating ambience on the campus, helping every learner to evolve as a holistic human being – emotionally stable, intellectually vibrant, physically robust and socially committed.

I came across a beautiful passage in an article by Carolyn Warner which states the role of the school and Principal in a most touching manner and I share it with you with a little alteration. She calls it "A Dream for Children":

Give me your moody children, your casual children, your stubborn children.

Give me your attention seeking children, your hyperactive children.

Give me your children who need love as badly as they need learning.

Give them all to me, in whatever form they are; and the people within these walls will help.

We will give you the doctors and the engineers and the scientists and the lawyers and the ministers and the teachers and the businessmen of tomorrow.

We will give you the hope and the dream of tomorrow.

We will give you the future. Amen!

We make a solemn promise to groom each Goenkan to the best of their capabilities.
Wishing you the best of luck for an extremely rewarding & fulfilling journey ahead,


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