G.D. Goenka School Jammu G.D.Goenka Public School Jammu is a leading educational institution with a modern and state of the art infrastructure. The pioneer school is set against the beautiful and picturesque mountains of Jammu and spread over a campus of over15 acres. One can easily say that the School is an amalgamation of modern education (with usage of modern pedealogy) with emphasis on Indian ethics, morals, principles and values.The vision of the school is not just to prepare our students for CBSE but for life!

The curriculum is comprehensive and exhaustive. The methodology used by the carefully selected educators is to enable the students to concentrate more on the concept rather than the content, on innovation and discovery, to facilitate learning in such a pattern so that becomes fun and accentuates and unfastens the mind of a student often eclipsed by hesitation and lack of confidence.

GDGPSJ believes that learning is an ongoing, continuous and gradual process where each student learns differently. Every student is given personal attention for the holistic development of students. We provide developmentally appropriate practices by teaching in ways that match the way students develop and learn. Reinforcement is another such feature which acts as a catalyst to bring out the best talent of the students.